Community Benefits


The public may have confidence in dealing with a PSOA member because:


  • Members of the PSOA are obliged to have Professional Indemnity Insurance that complies with the requirements of the Professional Standards Act.
  • Benefit in dealing with an organisation that is required to demonstrate that they have risk management strategies in place.
  • Benefit in dealing with an organisation that abides by an approved Code of Ethics.
  • Benefit in knowing you are dealing with a Professional Organisation
  • Benefit in knowing that both the professional and associate staff of members abide by a compulsory continuing professional development (CPD) program




The PSOA is a limited liability scheme under the Professional Standards Act which is administered by the Professional Standards Council of NSW.


The Professional Standards Councils' mission as stated on their web site is to

'promote consumer protection and excellence in professional standards by encouraging the self-regulation of occupational groups through the Cover of Excellence® schemes. '


'Cover of Excellence® schemes are for members of occupational associations, and:

  1. recognise those who implement robust risk management strategies such as complaints and discipline systems, codes of ethics and continuing occupational education;
  2. limit occupational liability for members of occupational associations who carry professional indemnity insurance and/or business assets to the limitation of liability amount; and
  3. entitle members of the occupational association to enjoy the reputation of the Cover of Excellence® logo. '


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