History of the PSOA


Following the introduction of the Professional Standards Act 1994, the Institution of Surveyors NSW Inc., the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW Inc., and the Association of Consulting Surveyors Insurance Society Limited (now ACSIS) prepared a scheme to limit professional liability for the surveying profession, under NSW legislation.

To facilitate the scheme, a new Association called the Professional Surveyors Occupational Association NSW Inc (the PSOA) was formed in 1996.


The first scheme was gazetted on 13 June 1997 and ran from 14 August 1997 to 31 May 2001.


The next scheme was gazetted on 25 May 2001 and commenced on 1 June 2001. Amendments to the definitions of the persons covered were gazetted on 28 September 2001 to commence on 15 October 2001. 

An extension to this Scheme was introduced in 2006 whilst waiting for a new Scheme application to be considered. The Scheme expired on 31 May 2007.


In October 2006 the AGM approved a new Constitution that recognises firm members and sole traders only. Individual members were covered until the expiry of the Scheme.


The Scheme application based on that new Constitution was not gazetted to provide continuity to members. The Constitution has since been amended to meet requests made by the Professional Standards Council.

A new Scheme known as The Professional Surveyors Limitation of Liability Scheme governed by The Professional Standards Act (NSW) 1994 commenced on 12 November 2007, and was amended in 2009.




Private Accreditation Scheme


As of 1 March 2007 all matters relating to Accredited Certifiers under the EP&A Act are managed by the Building Professionals Board.
They can be contact on Phone: (02) 9895 5950 or visit their website: http://www.bpb.nsw.gov.au  


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